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A Year of Natural Chi Clearing

Treat yourself or a loved one to a year of Natural Chi.

The Year of Natural Chi Clearing includes:

  • Spring Liver/Gallbladder Clearing Program
  • Summer Heart/Small Intestine Clearing Program
  • Autumn Lung/Large Intestine Clearing Program
  • Winter Kidney/Bladder Clearing Program
  • Four Essential Clearing Programs (one at the end of each season)

Keep your whole body clear, balanced, and vibrant this year with these potent seasonal clearing programs.

You can register for any of the seasonal clearing programs individually for $300, or you can save $600 by registering for a Year of Natural Chi Clearing.

According to Chinese medicine, the energy of each season of the year is associated with particular organs and meridian systems. We schedule our clearing programs so that Tienko can clear and strengthen specific organs of your body during the time of year that the energy of those organs is dominant. These are remote chi-healing programs. That means that during the two weeks of each program, Tienko will clear and support your organs every day using Natural Chi, while you go about your life.

Special discount:

Sign up for a year of clearing programs—a $2400 value—for a discount of $600! You'll get two of the eight programs for free!

Payment plans are available.

If you have any questions about participating in the program, please email us at

The cost of this program is $1800.
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