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Private Healing Sessions

Natural chi healing is a treatment technique that uses spiritual energy. Because spiritual energy is not limited by time or space, Tienko does not need to be physically present with clients, and can conduct these sessions remotely. While you are in your home or office and Tienko is in his, he can examine any physical issues you have and clear any energetic blockages that are contributing to those issues. You can heal naturally, without medications, herbs, or supplements.

Among Tienko’s clients are people who have no other options—people who have no hope. He has been able to help people who were not able to heal after seeing the best doctors in the world. In the video below, Judy Chen explains how Tienko saved the life of her eight-year-old daughter, who was dying from a mystery illness in one of the best children’s hospitals in the country.

Natural chi healing is also a unique alternative for those whose circumstances prevent them from using conventional treatments, such as a woman diagnosed with cancer while she is pregnant. Whereas chemotherapy and radiation would probably be unwise during pregnancy, natural chi healing could be used effectively to allow the mother to heal while posing no risk to her unborn child. Tienko can also work on health issues in a fetus, such as a child in utero who is found to have heart-valve problems. Using chi healing, Tienko could remedy those issues before they develop into anything more serious without the need for invasive measures.

Tienko has worked successfully with clients who have a wide range of health issues, including the following:

  • A man with a serious infection at the site of a hip replacement that was not responding to months of treatment with antibiotics. Within weeks of beginning work with Tienko, the infection cleared up completely.
  • A woman who did not want to have surgery to remove a 14-cm cyst from her liver. After a month of chi healing, the cyst was gone.
  • Various clients with cardiovascular issues including stroke, blocked arteries, atrial fibrillation, and mitral valve prolapse.
  • Numerous clients with cancer.
  • Several clients with tremor disorders including Parkinson’s disease.
  • Many clients who wanted to wean off pharmaceuticals safely.

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What our clients say

“I will not go into the two months that we spent at the hospital, but I will mention some of the highlights. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with my child. They just knew that she was dying. And they gave her all sorts of medication to try to help her. And when I say the doctors, I mean all the doctors from 13 departments—35 doctors crammed into her hospital room for the first few days, every day. And then we had a family doctor who told us, ‘I know another doctor, a different type of doctor, and you might want to work with him.’ “At the beginning, it was hard for my husband and me to believe in chi work—in the work of Dr. Ting—because we both have advanced degrees in business and science, and this sounded like it was going to defy everything that we know. I will give you three evidences that we saw, because again we come from scientific and business backgrounds, and we needed evidence. The first was that the doctors had said, ‘I’m very sorry, but the x-rays show that your daughter’s lungs are completely necrotic, which means they are completely dead and useless, and she’ll never be able to breathe with those lungs again.’ Dr. Ting worked on her, moved her chi, and the next sets of x-rays got better and better. And today, she’s not on any ventilation equipment. She’s breathing with those same lungs that the doctors thought were completely gone and dead. “Because we were there for two months and Sophia was very sick, there were many operations. There was one that the doctors wanted to do but they couldn’t do because they didn’t think she would survive the operation. Dr. Ting worked with Sophia that night, and the next night the sonogram showed that things were healed inside, and the operation was not necessary. They just assumed that they’d made a mistake that first time when they took the test results. But we have those results. We have every x-ray. “And this last evidence… There were 12 or 13 times in which the doctors thought Sophia was dying—when they came to us and said, ‘We have some bad news.’ We called Dr. Ting immediately whenever that happened, and he would work on Sophia. And the doctors would call us back into the room and say, ‘We have some good news. Somehow she survived again.’ And this happened over a dozen times. I stopped counting because those times no longer scared me and because we had help from Dr. Ting. We knew that Sophia’s body was healing, despite what the science was saying, despite what the machines were saying, despite what the x-rays were saying. So I want to leave that as a last piece of evidence to you. “We feel blessed every day when we look into the faces of our children, and we have Master Ting and everyone who assists him in this important work to thank for it.”

Judy Chin, New Jersey, speaking about her daughter, who was eight years old when she became ill (If you click on the Healing tab in the menu above and scroll down the page, you will find a video of Judy speaking about the difference Tienko made in her daughter’s life.)

“In May 2013, I asked Tienko to see if there was an issue with my breast. I had recently had a thermogram that found a change in my left breast that required further testing. Doctors considered the change to be abnormal and recommended follow-up mammography to rule out the possibility of malignant breast cancer. “I was afraid that I might have cancer. Two years earlier, a mole on my stomach began to itch and bleed. It was removed and cells from it were determined to be pre-cancerous. Also, I had not slept through the night in over six years. I woke up several times every night scared, anxious, and depressed. Daniel Markovits “Tienko’s findings were that I did have cancer in my left breast. The good news was that he was working on it with chi healing, and the cancer was getting weaker every day. His recommendation was for me to work with him for a month and then have whatever diagnostic test my doctor suggested. “Emotionally and spiritually, I felt more grounded once my chi-healing session began. “About three weeks after he started working with me, Tienko reported that the cancer in my breast did not appear to be active anymore. A follow-up thermogram five weeks after I began my chi-healing session verified Tienko’s finding. There were no abnormalities in my breasts. “Chi healing is a healing process that is both effective and empowering.”

Deb Miller

On a flight to NYC from Seattle, I was editing family pictures, and the gentleman sitting next to me was reading a new book titled Enlightenment about quantum theory. I know that everything is related and that the mind works like a magnet. The pictures I was editing were of my cousin. As my seat companion and I talked, I discovered that he and my cousin had known one another for many years. To me, this is magical. We went on to talk about more magical things. One was a spiritual healer—Tienko Ting. I contacted Tienko and he suggested that if I would like to work with him, I could make arrangements on line. I did. At the time, I was in pretty bad shape. I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and had been taking two powerful prescription sleep medications for years. I was not able to sleep without medication, and was foggy and unable to focus during the day. Three doctors wanted to operate on me. I was frightened and felt alone. I looked for advice from friends and family. Nothing worked. Tienko’s assistant Deborah called. I felt able to trust her right away. I explained what I thought was going on with me as she asked questions and told me she'd report to Tienko and let me know what he thought he'd be able to do for me. She called me back the next day and explained how Tienko thought he'd be able to help me. It would be long-distance energy work, and Tienko and I weren't scheduled to meet in person. Deborah was to be our go-between. As the days grew into weeks, I observed myself growing more and more healthy. I was weaning off the sleep medication and began to believe that I was really going to be all right. Every couple of days, Deborah would call. At least once a week, she'd tell me what Tienko had seen and what he had been working on—liver, kidneys, gallbladder, sleep, and my discomforts associated with my lifetime of activities. That Tienko was actually "sending" me healing might seem fantastic because it is fantastic. I knew I was healing. After working with Tienko for a total of three months, I am off the prescription sleep aides. I can once again sleep naturally. Even more important, I am clear and focused during the day. I’m excited about my life again. I am grateful for that magical encounter that led me to work with Tienko Ting.

Alex Garfield

“I signed up for private chi healing with Tienko Ting after learning through blood tests that I had the first signs of metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes). He worked on me for a month and discovered that I had quite severe stagnation in my pancreas, which he determined to be at the root of the problems, and also some stagnation in my liver. The experience of getting the distance healing was quite fascinating. Over the course of the month, I was aware of many changes taking place in my body as well as my mind and emotional states. By the end of the month, I felt much more balanced in mind and body. I recently had blood work done to check on the status of the metabolic syndrome, and I was so happy to find out that all the abnormal results from the first test are now in the normal range. In addition to the work with Tienko, I also made drastic changes in my diet, and started a daily routine of Natural Chi Movement, as well as other forms of exercise, but I feel very confident that Tienko's healing was pivotal in me regaining my health. It is clear to me that Tienko Ting is an extraordinary healer, and I am so glad I was fortunate enough to be able to work with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking support in regaining their health and vitality.”

C.M. Age 31

“Before I had a private session with Tienko Ting, my blood pressure was always above 145/85. I was reluctant to take medicine. On May 23, 2012, I was very uncomfortable. My blood pressure was 152/99 and my heart rate was 103. “That day, after Master Ting's treatment, the effect was immediately apparent. My blood pressure went down gradually. During the next two weeks, my daily blood pressure stayed below 130/80 most of the time. “Thank you to Master Ting and his assistant Sherry Lee.”

Georgia Wang, Age 54

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Program Cost

  • $1000 for a one month session
  • $650 for a two week session
  • $375 for a one week session

Toward the end of your initial session, Tienko may suggest additional sessions if your condition requires. Scheduling and payment for follow-up sessions will be addressed on an individual basis.

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