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How Natural Chi Healing Works

By training and occupation, Tienko Ting is an aerospace engineer. He also has a special gift: He can work with energy without using any physical means. Not only can he sense the presence of energy, but he can also hold an expectation to produce particular results using energy and then produce those results. This is a profound gift, which he uses in several ways—one of which is that he works with people who have health challenges.

Tienko has natural chi–healing clients throughout the world. Because of his gift, he can achieve results that many consider miraculous, and he has a unique understanding of illness and health. With his clients, Tienko is able to see where in the body energy is flowing freely and where its flow is impeded by stagnation, blockages, and congestion. When he speaks of congestion, Tienko is referring to something that slows the flow of energy. He is not talking about congestion as most Westerners think of it—as the accumulation of mucus in the nasal passages. Tienko works with energetic congestion. He compares it to resistance in an electrical circuit. The greater the degree of congestion in your body, the greater your likelihood of developing illness and disease.

What Tienko does is remove energetic congestion and blockages, which allows chi and your own energy to flow freely through your body.

Things show up as energy before they show up in the physical plane. Here is an example of why this is significant. Tienko found that a client had congestion in her heart while he was working with her on a completely different issue. She had no physical complaints about her heart or even any indication that heart problems could develop. When she learned that Tienko had found congestion in her heart, she was concerned. Her immediate response was that she should go to her doctor and have her heart tested. But she didn’t need to do that. At that point, the problems in her heart existed only as energy. Tienko reassured her that physically her heart was fine. A cardiologist would have found nothing wrong with her. If she didn’t handle the energetic congestion, however, it would most likely manifest as some form of heart disease eventually.

Some people have the mistaken idea that Tienko sends healing energy to his clients. That is not what he does. The healing energy that’s involved in natural chi healing is yours. What Tienko does is remove energetic congestion and blockages, and that allows chi and your energy to flow freely through your body. The Chinese have a saying that blood follows chi. What that means is that as Tienko removes stagnation and blockages, the flow of energy through your body increases, and in turn your blood flow increases. Improved circulation brings revitalizing blood and oxygen to previously stagnant areas. When that happens, your body is better able to heal itself. Through natural chi healing, Tienko is able to facilitate the healing of current health issues and to remove the energetic beginnings of possible future health problems.

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What looks like a simple fluid dance of energy, of life force, is a profound method of meditation and self-healing. It's experiential. It lives outside of time and space. I highly recommend Natural Chi Movement to people of all ages, races, creeds, and physical abilities.

— Pauline Dishler
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