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Remote Global Activation

Tienko Ting performs remote Natural Chi activations every month. We use the term remote to describe these because there is not a specific location at which people gather for the activation. Spiritual energy is not limited by time and space, so Tienko is able to conduct these activations simultaneously for any number of participants in different locations around the world. Remote global activation allows you to be activated from the comfort of your own home.

To the right are the dates for upcoming global remote activations. Activations take place from 10AM to 11AM EST on Saturdays.

The cost for the Natural Chi Movement global activation is $180. Click a date on the right to register. Please note the date and time of the activation for which you are registering.

When you participate in this hour-long session, you will be infused with spiritual energy, your chi will be activated, and you will have the ability to renew and refresh your energy daily by practicing Natural Chi Movement.

Activation is the beginning of a life-long daily practice of self-healing, renewal, and rejuvenation.

What our clients say

I have been practicing for about seven months now. I had a series of physical ailments, many of them so chronic I forgot they were there. The day of the activation I immediately experienced a heightened sense of hearing. The achy feeling in my knees and ankles noticeable started to diminish within the first month. Chronic neck and shoulder pain from previous whiplashes are slowly dissolving. The headaches from the neck injuries have gone from almost daily down to less than one a month. I have not felt the need to visit my chiropractor since I started practicing Natural Chi Movement. I had been seeing him several times a month. Many emotional blocks have been released as well. I feel that my natural intuition is slowly expanding over time. My sense of smell and taste are definitely more acute. Overall I feel more in tune with my body and am obtaining the natural balance that I was searching for. I feel that I have found my perfect practice.

Barb Bailey

The activation was one of the most amazing and transformative experiences of my life. I feel how this practice will be something that I will do forever! The connection with this aspect of myself and observing the natural and healing movement that is ever present has given me something unexplainable. Thank you for sharing this with me and the world.


What looks like a simple fluid dance of energy, of life force, is a profound method of meditation and self-healing. It's experiential. It lives outside of time and space. I highly recommend Natural Chi Movement to people of all ages, races, creeds, and physical abilities.

Pauline Dishler

The beauty of Tienko's teaching is his emphasis on empowering the practitioner to become their own teacher. With Natural Chi Movement the focus is on experiencing the essence of chi in the body, rather than on forms and techniques. The practice has made a profound difference in my life.

Marilyn Garner

I feel more calm, content and peaceful since practicing Natural Chi Movement.

Mary Myers, NCBTMB

“It has completely relieved my chronic back condition that nothing seemed to work for.”

Martin Halsey

I recommend Natural Chi Movement to my patients for its health benefits. The patients who practice regularly all love the benefits they reap.

Andrew M. Goldman, D.O.

I feel more centered, calm and balanced with more flexibility. I also lowered my blood pressure and heart rate since beginning my practice.

Don Fries

I had a wonderful activation! Thank you so much for getting me on to this practise. I will certainly make it part of my morning meditation…. The Natural Chi Movement is awesome. I feel so light afterwards. I almost bounce off the ground. Very nice feeling! Thank you very much.

Sebastian Mierau

Tienko flicks the switch, which plugs you into the direct experience of chi. You begin to move like a child, free at last of the restrictive intellect, and the endless control of the mind over the spirit. I cannot recommend this opportunity highly enough for anyone wishing to re-connect with the essential life force.

William Spear

Tienko’s theory makes sense, does not contain logical errors, and agrees with my practice of meditation. Nevertheless, the idea of remote activation smelled to me a bit like a cheap New Age scam. It appeared that way until my body started to move without the employment of my will. For a few seconds, images from The Exorcist came to my mind, only to be quickly replaced by a feeling of ease and pleasure, as my body started to rock gently from side to side. I could easily get tuned into the movement and then relax. For most of the session, my body swayed rhythmically, causing my hands to strike gently against my sides and shoulders. After an hour—as I had been instructed—I finished, or rather the process finished itself.

Marcin Fabjanski, from his book *Neither Man, Nor Butterfly*

I participated in a Natural Chi Movement global activation in July 2010. As I relaxed, cleared my mind, and opened to receive, I felt a powerful energy enter my body. During the entire hour of the activation, I could feel the presence of this energy as my body moved in varying ways and intensities. At one point, I had an AH HA moment: I realized that this is the practice that I have been looking for! This for me is the missing link! I felt a deep, complete, and profound connection to my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of myself. I felt whole, as if all the parts of me were finally working together to create the wonderful person God had intended me to be. I continue to receive the benefits of practicing Natural Chi Movement. I have become happier and healthier on all levels. This is such a profound practice that on the days I am unable to find the time to practice (which is rare), I feel what I consider to be my body screaming. Natural Chi Movement is the greatest gift that I have given myself to support me in becoming the best that I can be.

Gayle Propst

In 2010, I was activated by Tienko in the familiar surroundings of my home without the hassle and expense of traveling to a course. It was the perfect way for me to start my Natural Chi Movement practice. All I needed to do was calm myself, clear my mind of random thoughts and distractions, relax my body, and receive the flow of spiritual energy that Tienko directs as part of the activation process. Time flew by during this short process (an hour), and I was set to begin my daily NCM sessions. I quickly discovered that clearing my mind and doing what my body felt like doing was definitely a better way for me to connect with chi than doing orchestrated routines and movements. In the sixteen months I have been practicing NCM, I am happier, feel mentally sharper, have more energy, and have made positive changes in my life—including making significant changes in what I eat, adopting a beneficial walking regimen, and achieving a much healthier BMI. I attribute these positive changes and my willingness to undertake the actions needed to achieve them to practicing Natural Chi Movement. A BIG THANKS to Tienko and my beautiful wife for exposing me to the joys and rewards of Natural Chi Movement!

Roy G

Thanks so much for the activation experience yesterday. I especially have problems in the neck and upper chest area. Almost immediately I felt strong energy moving my body, and it continued through most of the experience. It was clear that it was non-volitional, although I can't say I felt Chi. After I felt very calm with the feeling of being happy to be in the space I was in, much more than I normally do. Some time after I felt some pain mostly in the upper chest area, from those areas being moved more than normal. This is not a complaint—just reporting. In the morning the pain was gone. This morning, [when I practiced] the movement started right up again, but with less intensity. Everything is fine.

Chuck Cornell

Well, the remote activation was relatively intense and powerful, and I certainly felt it strongly. At the very first, it felt slightly like a nauseating amusement-park ride that I would rather not have gotten on, but I relaxed into it and that feeling mostly passed. I say "mostly," because I still, nearly two hours after the end of the activation, feel a little dizzy and discombobulated, the same way I have often felt after a session of acupuncture, Rolfing, or other energy work. During the activation, I found myself doing all sorts of movements and postures, both standing and on the floor. Some were hatha yoga postures, some were kum nye (Tibetan yoga), and some were qigong movements. And there were many miscellaneous movements, including shoveling and swinging a baseball bat. At the beginning of the activation, the movements were larger and more vigorous. It felt like that was partly a process of "burning off fumes." Then they slowed down, and included some focused breath work. I took a walk afterwards. I definitely feel like I've just experienced a lot of internal energy circulation. I'm eager to see what manifests down the road as a result of daily practice.

Eric Kraus

This has been an amazing experience for me personally, and I am extremely, profoundly grateful for this opportunity. It will be life-transforming. I intend to practice daily and implement this for lifetime practice. I did not have any body movements. I believe my experience was of a more internalized Chi, which I was glad that I had read about in my preparation for activation. Once the activation started at 10 a.m., it took about five minutes after I relaxed, and I started to feel tingling and vibration in my fingertips and in that same plane (across the hip area of my body). It then started to ascend, and I felt ‘fluttering’ vibrations in my solar plexus/belly area. The vibrations continued and then encompassed the chest area. I would feel pulsating vibrations that come into the center of the heart and then like a ‘shiver reaction’ it would cause me to shiver and the vibrations would ripple outwards. When it reached my neck, I had some pressure in my jaw and in my right ear, and the most intense pressure I felt was in the middle of my forehead… During the practice I also felt concentrated energy in my right wrist, and right foot, where I have residual arthritic pain still. I had a cup of hot liquid after, and I could feel it go all the way down in my stomach, and actually felt the heat radiating inside of my belly. For the next 24 hours, I was ‘super aware.’ Smell was heightened; intuitive sense was heightened. And the highest blessing for me was the deepest sense of stillness and peace from within. I was at peace and present in everything I was doing, and it's the kind of feeling I would like to last forever. It feels like working in joy, doing all things with joy and awareness, and yet with detachment and flow and profound inner steadiness and peace. I have been searching for that grounded feeling. I offer my deep gratitude for this experience and opportunity. What I love best about the daily practice that is to follow is that it is effortless... that no specific posture or breathing patterns or mantras or anything is necessary. Just relaxation and ALLOWING... it makes me look forward to that time, and to practice surrendering, and just watching the body and mind, and also it makes me excited like a child to see what will happen, what will I experience, and mostly what inner peace and inner qualities are manifesting, as this carries over into my entire day and infuses everything I do with great peace and joy.

Hetal Trivedi

I wanted you to know how valuable I find natural chi to be in my life. It has helped me in so many ways.

Barbara Chalom

A few minutes before 5, I turned out the lights, lit a few candles and stood quietly in my sitting room with my eyes closed. I was mindful of breathing easily, relaxing my mind and body, and letting go of any intentions. For the next hour my body moved in its own flow, my body swaying, my weight shifting from one leg to the other, my arms circling in fluid motions around my body, standing still and moving in circles around the room. I was aware and then I wasn't aware as I moved in the peaceful silence and darkness. As time went on I felt energy moving through my hands and around my body, not tingling but a fullness, a presence. At the end, I sat and meditated for another half an hour in deep peace and gratitude. This morning's practice brought a different experience, stillness, micro movements, gentleness. The peace continues. Thank you, Tienko.


The first part was sort of waiting for movement but without expecting anything in particular. And then I started moving and of course my thoughts would come in too, wanting to create a congruent pattern in my motions. I resisted thinking that I should not try to do anything, but then I gave up trying to control other controlling thoughts and just moved as my body pleased. Then I came to a stillness, wanting to rest completely, and tears started rolling down my face. The tears were of love, in particular for my mom. I felt finally connected to her, instead of having a notion of compassion without much feeling. The connection to her was most important. There was no me nor her, just pure compassion and forgiveness. My heart is what really started moving and opening. This is healing. This is being alive. I will continue to practice. Thank you again, Tienko!


The chi activation was wonderfully relaxing and felt as though my body and mind were trying to get rid of some energy that has caused a lot of negativity. My intention is to practice every day. I think it will help me sleep better and also deal with some of the stuff in my life right now that is not easy.


Thank you for the activation. I experienced a lot of quite vigorous shaking throughout my whole body and especially through my pelvis. The energy felt like it was moving mainly along the vertical axis and releasing through my pelvis and my neck. At one point I went to stillness and then moved naturally into tai chi standing posture with arms raised as if hugging a tree for about five minutes. Otherwise it was shaking, shaking, shaking! Definitely feel connected to the movement of my Chi now in a new way, and committed to developing and sustaining a regular practice. Thank you for this gift of reconnection to my body's subtle energy, and through this to the great pulsing energy body of the living earth.


I received the activation last Saturday, and I am pleased with the results. Shortly after 10 a.m. I felt energy going from the top of my forehead down my body, particularly on my left side and leg, the side I had previously experienced my back problem. After that I felt the need to move around a little, as in the videos, not too extreme, and after that I felt that some tension in some major muscles in my back and neck was gone or disappearing. I find it much easier to relax muscles that feel tense now. Thanks.


It's strange to try to put into words the experience of activation. What I can say is that it was wonderful. The energy I felt during activation was strong, but calm. I can feel an increase in my overall energy already, and that will be a huge motivator for me to develop and maintain a daily practice. Thank you.


I love NCM and look forward to practicing each day. I typically have more energy after a session then the amount I started with. I'm calm and relaxed at the end of a session, and I've noticed a marked increase in sex drive. And I feel ‘at peace’ at session's end. I don't know if I will ever do Tai Chi or ‘regular’ Chi Kung again. After NCM, the traditional movements seem rigid, boring, and they do not produce nearly as much juice—too much effort and not enough reward.


I have never experienced something so deep. I felt a shift. First all the action was in my brain for quite a while, and then my body started moving in every direction. My arms were still and all of a sudden felt my hands really warm, hot, and later they started swaying. And at the end of the session my body slowed down by itself and then stopped. I felt light, happy. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.


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