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Kidney & Bladder Clearing

The Natural Chi Kidney & Bladder Clearing Program

This is a profound two-week program that will produce the following results:

Physical benefits

  • Improved hydration of your entire body
  • Improved urination and help with urination imbalances
  • Reduction of swelling (edema)
  • Greater energy and stamina overall
  • Enhanced bone health and density
  • Strengthened, more beautiful, and shinier hair
  • Improved energy in your reproductive system
  • Improved ear function and hearing
  • Support for deeper, fuller breathing
  • Feeling stronger overall

Emotional benefits

  • Feeling less fearful
  • A more balanced emotional state
  • Peace of mind

Spiritual benefits

  • Sense of being whole, balanced, and supported
  • Increased clarity
  • Feeling at ease
  • Being at peace

The energy of winter controls the kidneys and bladder, according to thousands of years of Chinese Medicine. The dominance and activity of these critical organs during the winter make this a great time to support the kidneys and bladder with Natural Chi to clear any stagnation or blockages.

Your kidneys are responsible for processing, filtering, and cleaning the fluids in your body and sending waste into your bladder. Practitioners of Chinese Medicine also consider the kidneys to be responsible for the health of your bones, hair, ears, and reproductive system. Your bladder is a vessel used to store urine until it is eliminated from your body. Your kidneys govern the health of your bladder. If your kidneys are weak, they will lack the energy needed to support your bladder in holding and expelling urine properly.

Every day for the two weeks of this program, Tienko Ting will work to clear and support your kidneys and bladder using chi energy. This remote program is an opportunity to achieve a seasonal clearing of these essential organs and their associated meridians.

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Upcoming Dates

Nov 18, 2024 – Dec 1, 2024

The cost of this program is $300.
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