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Heart & Small Intestine Clearing

The Heart & Small Intestine Clearing Program

This is a profound two-week program that will result in the following benefits:

Physical benefits

  • Improved circulation throughout your system
  • Increased health and strength of your heart and blood vessels
  • Creation of a healthy, balanced blood thickness
  • Greater energy overall
  • Deeper, more restful sleep and greater ease in going to sleep
  • Enhanced appetite, digestion, and metabolizing of food and nutrients
  • Your tongue becoming softer, more flexible, and cleaner
  • Increased sensitivity to flavors and the taste of food
  • Reduction in bloating or gas
  • Improved urination and bowel movements
  • Your hands and feet becoming warm and dry (as opposed to wet and cool)
  • Feeling stronger overall

Emotional benefits

  • A more balanced emotional state
  • Greater happiness
  • Opening to deeper feelings of love and appreciation
  • Reduced depression and sadness
  • Reduced fear
  • Peace of mind

Spiritual benefits

  • Being joyful
  • Increased clarity of mind
  • Being at peace

Thousands of years of Chinese Medicine link the heart and the small intestine to the energy of summer. Because the energy of the heart and small intestine is more active or dominant in summer, this is an excellent time to support these critical organs—plus two other organs that are integral to your circulatory system—with a boost of Natural Chi to clear any stagnation or blockages.

The ancient Chinese believed that four organs work together to have the circulatory system function optimally. These are the heart, the small intestine, and two non-physical organs: the pericardium and the triple burner.

Your heart does the mechanical job of continually pulsing blood through your circulatory system in a specific rhythm, which enables the blood to circulate through your entire body. Your small intestine prepares the food you eat to be transformed into energy and supplies water to replenish your circulatory system. The ancient Chinese considered the pericardium to be a separate, non-physical organ. Classical Chinese literature described it as being the Heart Master that controls the entire circulation system. The triple burner is another non-physical organ with an essential role: to transform food into energy and to make that energy available to your entire body.

If you think of the body as a vehicle, the heart can be viewed as the engine, the pericardium acts as the microprocessor controlling the performance of the engine, the small intestine supplies fuel and water for your vehicle, and the triple burner helps transform fuel into energy.

The natural heart and small intestine clearing is a remote program. Tienko Ting will conduct chi-energy clearing of your heart, small intestine, pericardium, and triple burner each day for the duration of the program. This program is perfect for everyone to achieve an annual clearing of these essential meridians and organs.

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Upcoming Dates

Jun 10, 2024 – Jun 23, 2024

The cost of this program is $300.
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What our clients say

“Didn't notice too much the first couple days, but it seems as though there was some sort of shift today. I felt quite joyful on and off throughout the day, sensing an opening of the heart chakra, and have felt quite energized, like I want to go out and take a run. I have not been running for a while. I also noticed that my complexion looked better, which is consistent with Chinese Medical understanding of the heart and its manifestation in the complexion!! I look forward to seeing what the rest of these two weeks of healing bring.”


“I feel generally lighter and freer around my heart.”


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