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Remote Global Activation

Tienko Ting performs remote Natural Chi activations every month. We use the term remote to describe these because there is not a specific location at which people gather for the activation. Spiritual energy is not limited by time and space, so Tienko is able to conduct these activations simultaneously for any number of participants in different locations around the world. Remote global activation allows you to be activated from the comfort of your own home.

To the right are the dates for upcoming global remote activations. Activations take place from 10AM to 11AM EST on Saturdays.

The cost for the Natural Chi Movement global activation is $180. Special free activation session April 4th, 2020. Click a date on the right to register. Please note the date and time of the activation for which you are registering.

When you participate in this hour-long session, you will be infused with spiritual energy, your chi will be activated, and you will have the ability to renew and refresh your energy daily by practicing Natural Chi Movement.

Activation is the beginning of a life-long daily practice of self-healing, renewal, and rejuvenation.

What Our Clients Say

“I have been practicing for about seven months now. I had a series of physical ailments, many of them so chronic I forgot they were there. The day of the activation I immediately experienced a heightened sense of hearing. The achy feeling in my knees and ankles noticeable started to diminish within the first month. Chronic neck and shoulder pain from previous whiplashes are slowly dissolving. The headaches from the neck injuries have gone from almost daily down to less than one a month. I have not felt the need to visit my chiropractor since I started practicing Natural Chi Movement. I had been seeing him several times a month.

“Many emotional blocks have been released as well. I feel that my natural intuition is slowly expanding over time. My sense of smell and taste are definitely more acute. Overall I feel more in tune with my body and am obtaining the natural balance that I was searching for.

“I feel that I have found my perfect practice.”

Barb Bailey


“The activation was one of the most amazing and transformative experiences of my life. I feel how this practice will be something that I will do forever! The connection with this aspect of myself and observing the natural and healing movement that is ever present has given me something unexplainable. Thank you for sharing this with me and the world.”


Sydney, Australia

“What looks like a simple fluid dance of energy, of life force, is a profound method of meditation and self-healing. It's experiential. It lives outside of time and space. I highly recommend Natural Chi Movement to people of all ages, races, creeds, and physical abilities.”

Pauline Dishler

“The beauty of Tienko's teaching is his emphasis on empowering the practitioner to become their own teacher. With Natural Chi Movement the focus is on experiencing the essence of chi in the body, rather than on forms and techniques. The practice has made a profound difference in my life. ”

Marilyn Garner

“I feel more calm, content and peaceful since practicing Natural Chi Movement.”

Mary Myers, NCBTMB

“It has completely relieved my chronic back condition that nothing seemed to work for.”

Martin Halsey

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