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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Natural Chi Activation?

“Activation” is what Tienko calls the process by which he directs the flow of spiritual energy into others. He refers to Natural Chi activation as a nature-to-nature transmission. It is a revolutionary form of communication that produces an infusion of spiritual energy for each participant.

To be activated, you do not need to follow any specific procedures or techniques. No words are spoken.

Natural Chi activation is like a jump-start from Tienko that results in chi flowing freely and powerfully through your body, creating balance in a way that is both immediate and dramatic.

How Often Do I Need To Be Activated?

Once you are activated, you do not ever need assistance to be activated again. All you need to do is practice Natural Chi Movement.

How Do I Practice Natural Chi Movement?

After the initial activation, a daily activation routine is essential. This is what Tienko refers to as “practice.” He suggests a minimum of thirty minutes of practice daily to maintain and keep your energy balanced. For special healing of deeper issues, an hour of daily practice is recommended.

There are three keys to practicing Natural Chi Movement: calming your mind, relaxing your body, and allowing your body to move naturally. That is all you need to do or know to be successful in the activation and in your daily practice.

Calming your mind—essentially using no mind—allows you to respond to the changes in energy in your body that occur during the activation and whenever you practice Natural Chi Movement. Chi has an intelligence of its own. It goes where it is needed in the body to create balance and restore health. Just as each of our conditions differs, chi moves each person in different ways. For some, it produces graceful movements similar to tai ji or chi gong. For others, the movements are spiral-like, similar to the movements of Sufis or dancers. Still others may move only slightly or not at all, but may experience internal sensations.

The purpose of most practices is to become more proficient. The purpose of practicing Natural Chi Movement is to become more natural. With consistent practice, you will begin to trust the intelligence of chi and gain confidence in its ability to move and to heal. The daily practice of Natural Chi Movement is a relationship with yourself that is, like nature, simply profound.

What Benefits Can I Expect from Natural Chi Movement?

The benefits of practicing Natural Chi Movement can manifest within a very short time, sometimes immediately. Regular practice can produce a wide range of significant results. Since chi goes where it is most needed in the body to correct imbalance and relieve pain, it is very useful for chronic problems that are not responding to other forms of treatment.

As chi moves, it releases tension and stagnant energy. The benefits of practicing can include

  • Greater physical flexibility
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved sleep
  • Relief of pain of all types
  • Enhanced fertility
  • Strengthened immunity

Natural Chi Movement will address any imbalance in the body. There are no contraindications. It will bring healing energy to any mental, emotional, or physical ailment, always focusing on whatever is causing the most serious imbalance at the moment.

Those who practice Natural Chi Movement daily report that it also improves mental clarity and intuition, enhances the senses, and naturally creates an attraction for healthier food and habits. Extended practice can lead to the development of special talents and abilities, along with a profound sense of peace and emotional and spiritual well-being.

Who Is Natural Chi Movement For?

Natural Chi Movement is for everyone. Individuals of any age and in any state of health can practice Natural Chi Movement. It is as appropriate for athletes—who may practice for increased energy, flexibility, and mental clarity—as it is for someone confined to a wheelchair or hospital bed.

Natural Chi Movement is a personalized movement program that supports exactly what each individual needs so as to create balance and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

It is an ideal practice for those who do healing work of any sort. It increases your ability to transmit and use chi intuitively. Through daily practice and the continual strengthening and renewing of your chi, you can counteract the effects of imbalance and stress. Most practitioners report that Natural Chi Movement is their favorite practice, consistently providing them with freedom, natural expression, and effective healing energy.

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