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Natural Chi Movement

Natural Chi Movement is the daily practice of allowing the body to respond naturally and spontaneously to the flow of chi.

It is a profound dance between our own life energy and the energy of nature itself.
Natural Chi Movement Practice is for those who are interested in a daily practice of increasing ones chi, health, and longevity. Regular practice can produce a wide range of significant beneficial results. Natural Chi Movement will activate and harness your chi to improve health and well being. Natural Chi activation is a jump-start to get chi flowing freely and powerfully through your body, creating balance in a way that is both immediate and dramatic. Natural Chi Movement Practice will bring healing energy to any mental, emotional, physical or spiritual ailment, always focusing on whatever is causing the most serious imbalances in your body. Learn how Natural Chi Movement Practice can support your body start healing itself today.

Natural Chi Movement Practice Benefits

  • Supporting life-long health and longevity
  • Healing from illness and pain
  • Freeing yourself from stress and anxiety
  • Maintaining a youthful state
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced fertility
  • Strengthened immunity

Natural Chi Activation

Once you are activated, you will gain the ability to renew your inner energy daily.

Choose from  remote global activation

or  in-person activation course

Amazed by Natural Chi Movement

Jude, a Rosen practitioner, talks about her amazement at watching her body move on its own during the Natural Chi movement activation and practice.

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