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Incurable Illness

What is an incurable illness?

An incurable illness is one that the current medical methodology does not have the means to cure. That does not mean that people who have the illness cannot heal, but rather that doctors and medical practitioners do not have the knowledge and means to bring about or facilitate their healing. At present, there are many incurable illnesses, including most cancers, many viral illnesses, and many neurological disorders. In the broad sense of the term, Tienko Ting would also include conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes that are at best controlled by life-long medication and conditions controlled by the use of unnecessary surgery such as the removal of a person’s gallbladder as a way to control gallstones.

Dr. Ting considers the Western medical approach to these illnesses—in particular the use of dangerous pharmaceuticals and radical surgeries—to be misguided. He believes that most illnesses considered incurable today can actually be cured easily

How does an incurable illness develop?

In Tienko’s experience, illnesses that are ultimately diagnosed as incurable generally develop from one or more of the following causes:

  1. Environmental toxicity
  2. Long-term ingestion of toxins such as those resulting from the genetic modification of food
  3. Pharmaceuticals
  4. Stress and exhaustion in body, mind, or spirit
  5. Physical injury or trauma
  6. Infection

Over time, one or more of these conditions takes a toll on the body. Energetic stagnation begins to form in one part of the body—perhaps in the basal ganglia of the brain or along the gallbladder meridian at the side of the breast—and eventually a blockage may form.

Tienko believes that all illness begins as energy before it manifests in the physical realm. The Chinese have a saying that Blood follows chi. What that means is this: As energetic stagnation and blockages slow the flow of energy (or chi) through the body, that eventually causes blood flow through that part of the body to slow or be diverted. Tissues and organs will suffer damage from the reduced blood flow, and there will be changes in how they function. Sooner or later, the body becomes diseased. If the underlying stagnation is not addressed and reversed, that disease state may ultimately be considered incurable.

Read more about Tienko’s perspective on the development of specific illnesses: Understanding CancerUnderstanding Viral Diseases, and Understanding Neurological Disease.

How can someone heal from an incurable disease?

Tienko believes that the way to heal from an incurable illness is to alleviate energetic stagnation and blockages. That is what he does when he works with people using remote chi healing.

Once energy is able to flow freely through the body, blood flow then increases. Improved circulation brings revitalizing blood and oxygen to formerly stagnant areas. Nutrients and even medication carried by the blood are able to reach areas that were inaccessible before. With energy and blood flowing freely again, the body is better able to heal itself.

The reason that this explanation sounds foreign to most people today is because they do not recognize the significance of chi. Most people do not even know that chi exists, much less that chi is the cornerstone of health and wellness.

In his book Natural Chi Movement: Accessing the World of the Miraculous, Tienko explains that the term chi is not easy for him to define. The closest he can come to a definition is this: “Chi is a medium or bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.”

Chi has the ability to penetrate any part of the body—into the brain and even into tumors that are otherwise impenetrable. It can also be guided for the purpose of healing. Once chi flows freely, blood will flow freely, and the body can heal itself. That is the basic concept—in very simple terms—of how you can heal from an incurable illness.

With the use of chi healing, people with acute appendicitis have healed without surgery. A man with fourth-stage cancer who was told that hospice was his only option was able to heal from bladder cancer. A woman diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease had the tremors in her hands and head cease. People with serious viral illnesses have healed without medication.

Through natural chi healing, Tienko is able to facilitate the healing of current health issues—even incurable illnesses—and to reverse the energetic beginnings of possible future health problems.

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