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Natural Chi Healing

Natural chi healing, unlike any other therapy, is able to initiate healing without physical intervention.

It is a treatment technique that uses spiritual energy, and spiritual energy is not governed by physical laws. It is everywhere. There is nothing to stop spiritual energy from going anywhere it is needed.
Natural Chi Healing restores your sense of well-being by improving emotional, mental and physical conditions and restoring your energy flow to a natural state of balance. When the energy system is repaired, the physical body will start healing itself. This can be done wherever you are located — no need to travel. Remotely we offer individual private Chi Healing Sessions. We also offer Natural Chi Clearing Programs. During these sessions a unique healing experience is created that generates enduring beneficial changes and insights necessary for healing your whole being. Start your healing today and experience the miracle of chi healing.

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Private Chi Healing Sessions

One way to experience natural chi healing is to work with Tienko Ting individually in a remote private session.

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Natural Chi Clearing Programs

Another way to experience natural chi healing is by participating in a group program. We offer two types of group clearing programs: seasonal and ongoing.

Based on principles of Chinese medicine, seasonal programs allow you to provide support for your internal organs at the time each year when support is most beneficial.

Ongoing programs are run on demand around the year. These include clearing and support for your brain, thyroid, and breasts; a dental clearing program; a virus clearing program; and a weight-loss program.

Is any illness really incurable?

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Miraculous Recovery

Judy Chin, speaking about the difference that Tienko made with her daughter, who at the age of eight was dying from an illness that doctors could not diagnose or treat

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