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The Natural Chi Foundation

The Natural Chi Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to creating a future in which each human being has the opportunity to live a peaceful healthy life and experience a peaceful death. Incorporated by Tienko Ting in 2009, the foundation will carry out its mission through several essential activities:

  • Creating opportunities for people to practice Natural Chi Movement
  • Exploring peaceful death transition
  • Researching evolutionary healing theories and methodologies
  • Providing education about chi, healing, living, and dying

Our vision is to create an Institute of Natural Chi Healing that will feature an ongoing curriculum of advanced studies in the areas of Natural Chi Movement, peaceful death and dying, chi healing, natural healing, and natural living.

We welcome your collaboration and participation, as well as donations to further our research and widen the scope of our outreach worldwide.

To make a donation to the Natural Chi Foundation, you can donate online or send a check to:

The Natural Chi Foundation
176 Amity Road
Woodbridge, CT 06525

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