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Natural Chi Movement: Accessing the World of the Miraculous

Tienko Ting’s Natural Chi Movement: Accessing the World of the Miraculous explores important questions of who we are and how we can access the unlimited potential of spiritual energy for health, balance, and longevity. Its premise is simple, yet revolutionary: each of us is a seamless merging of physical and spiritual energy, endowed with the capacity to thrive. There is nothing to learn or master. Wellness is simply a matter of activating our chi. Chi activation is the essence of the practice of Natural Chi Movement.

Yet Natural Chi Movement is not a how-to description of an exercise program. Drawing on Chinese history, philosophy, science, and his own experience working with chi for two decades, Dr. Ting presents his groundbreaking theories on the nature of life, healing, and death, and explains how miracles occur. He suggests that many of the problems we face today—from ineffective healthcare to ecological devastation—result from our lack of spiritual perspective. By reconnecting us to our true nature, Natural Chi Movement reminds us that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and the world around us.

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Neither Man, Nor Butterfly

In May of 2012, Marcin Fabjanski, PhD, a 42-year-old writer, filmmaker, and personal coach, was looking for a natural way to heal from a hereditary liver disease known as Gilbert-Meulengracht Syndrome—which Marcin lightheartedly referred to as “Gilbert.” His search led him to Tienko Ting, PhD, a former aerospace engineer who is a gifted chi healer.

Neither Man, Nor Butterfly is Marcin’s intriguing account of the healing relationship that developed between the two men, who never met face to face. Written in a poetic, often playful style, this is the fascinating story of how remote chi healing performed by Tienko in Connecticut led to the healing of an incurable condition in Marcin thousands of miles away in Poland.

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What Readers Say

“I have read Tienko's book, Natural Chi Movement. I had a wonderful time and great experience reading the book. It is truly inspiring. Every time I picked it up to read, I felt a sense of calmness and felt like it was my meditation time. It really opened my mind so much more than it already was. I feel it has helped me tremendously in my life to feel more relaxed and to also know how to relax myself better overall.

“It really helped me understand my body more as well, as far as understanding how one must make sure they have a balance of spiritual and physical health/energy. It was also really exciting to learn about the different philosophies as well. With gratitude.”


North Dakota

“I have been recommending Tienko’s book to a number of friends. Two have read it and a third is just completing reading it. All have found it really rich, and two particularly love it.”


“After reading Tienko’s book (twice on my Kindle and now starting the third reading with paperback…) I have to say that Natural Chi Movement (NCM) is the most practical book on qigong for YOU I have ever read. Why do I make this statement? Because NCM is YOU! Or should I say, chi moving and the movements that come out of YOU. You see I have practiced the arts for over thirty-five years… But with NCM, the movements and the flow of chi come from within me...
Now, what I can say is for you who have been looking for a qigong practice that you can master (because you are the master and maker of the movements you will be doing) NCM is YOU. I would recommend that you read the book at least once and get activated. Then watch, see, and feel what NCM can do for YOU. I believe it can change your life, just as it’s changing my life today.”

Jerry Outley

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